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Subject: IT Decision-Making

Tutorial: IT Proposal Preparation Primer


Helpful Tips for Submitting Your Proposal

You’ve spent your weekend writing the proposal; you’re convinced that it is a winner. You think you are ready to send it off to the powers that be. Wait! Before you do, there are some steps that you can take to avoid some major mistakes.

Review It Again for Content

You are probably tired of the whole affair; but, this is the life of your project. Go through it again from first page to last -- is it logical, easy to follow, easy to understand, includes all the required information, does your executive summary convey the essence of your idea?

Recheck The Numbers

The budget numbers will get early and careful scrutiny, and they will be checked by pros. Don’t let a simple math mistake undermine all the work you have put into the proposal. One, often unstated, criteria for proposals is that they must be credible; if your numbers don’t add up, strike one!

Get a Peer Review

Ask a colleague to read your proposal, preferably someone who is not familiar with the issue. Ask him/her to describe what the project is for, what the business benefits are, and why it is important to the organization. If your associates can’t answer these questions based upon what you have written, don’t expect senior management to do any better.

Submit On Time

Proposal reviewers have to finish their work on your proposal in a very short time (just like you); if your proposal is late (sometimes, even by a day) they may not be able to give the proposal the attention it deserves.

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