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Subject: IT Decision-Making

Tutorial: IT Proposal Preparation Primer


Helpful Tips About Proposal Contents (continued)

6. Personnel Resources

Describes the project team: what personnel will be needed, what they will do and for how long, and what qualifications they will be required to have. If the project will use consultants, this section should explain the need for them and should describe their credentials and unique qualifications.

7. Facilities, Software and Hardware Resources

Addresses the existing facilities and equipment that will be used by the project. What hardware and software, if any, does the proposal request funding for, and will it be purchased or leased? Why is such hardware and software needed?

8. Plan for Continuation of the Project

For many types of projects, decision-makers want to see the benefits or activities of the project that last beyond the initial funding period. If so, the proposal should outline how the project will pass from the development phase to production and who will pay for the ongoing operations.

9. Project Evaluation

Tells reviewers how you, and they, will know if the project is going according to plan. This should cover how implementation progress will be monitored and how you will determine if the project delivered the promised results.

10. Budget and Budget Justification

The budget is inextricably related to the project’s work. Here you will need to demonstrate that there is some reasonable relationship between: (1) what you say the project will cost, (2) the work that will be done, and (3) the results you will deliver. If you are relatively new to proposal writing, you are strongly encouraged to discuss the budget and justification requirements, with your budget office (an experienced colleague, or an outside specialist).

IT Proposal Preparation Primer, Lesson 4 of 5

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