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Subject: IT Decision-Making

Tutorial: IT Proposal Preparation Primer


Helpful Tips for Proposal Development

Keep these four tips in mind when developing your proposals:

1. Have an Attention Getting Project

Decision-makers look for projects that deliver the significant business results they are looking for. Get attention by telling them (clearly, succinctly, in tangible terms) what your project will do for the organization.

2. Partner With The Advocates

Team-up with the project’s advocates - preferably, people from the groups who will be asked to pay for it. Senior management is more likely to favor projects that are jointly developed by IT and business organizations. In addition, projects with clear support from the groups that will benefit get noticed.

3. Project Track Record

A successful project is one that delivers the promised results, on time, and within budget. Decision-makers are more comfortable funding projects for organizations and project managers that can document previous successful projects. If your track record is not so good, be sure to devote extra attention to demonstrate why things will be different this time.

4. Life After Project Funding

Budget decision-makers need and sometimes require information on the post-implementation (maintenance and operations) costs of a project. Too many IT organizations don’t provide this information; the consequence is that sometimes the IT organization winds up paying the tab instead of the business users. Including this information can make your project more credible and protect the IT organization from absorbing additional costs.

IT Proposal Preparation Primer, Lesson 2 of 5

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