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Subject: IT Decision-Making

Tutorial: IT Proposal Preparation Primer


Helpful Tips To Get You Started

Learn the organization’s strategy and priorities

Make sure you know and understand them. Many organizations publish this information; sometimes with project proposal guidelines - sometimes, you need to be resourceful. One IT manager found the strategy in the Firm’s Annual Report.

If you have a good idea; get early buy-in

A good idea is one that supports the strategy and business plans. Buy-in doesn’t mean approval; it means that the CIO and business users agree that your idea makes sense and is worth developing into a proposal for consideration.

If there are written guidelines, follow them

The guidelines tell you what the decision-makers want you to tell them about your project and how they want you to do it. Your budget or financial office is a good place to start if you need to find the guidelines. Use the guidelines to outline and organize your proposal; it will help ensure that your proposal is complete, and save a lot of time deciding what to write about.

Speak with the budget office

After you have read the guidelines, don’t hesitate to contact the budget office if there is something you don’t understand. It is often risky to develop a proposal when you are not clear on what is required. You are not supposed to be the expert in this area; they are.

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