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Subject: IT Budgeting - Communication

Tutorial: Get Your IT Project Funded - 5 Steps to Improve the Odds


Tutorial Recap

We’ve seen that writing an effective IT project justification, especially when pressed for time, is a function of knowing: your message (steps 1&2), the substance (steps 3&4), and the style (step 5).

Here is how you have learned to improve the odds:

  • Write for your audience; anticipate what they want to know and plan to tell them
  • Organize your thoughts; knowing what you need to say helps you prepare an outline of the major and supporting points
  • Use the outline to determine what information you can get quickly; use reasonable substitutes for that which is not yet available
  • Follow your outline; write clear, brief statements and quantify when possible

If you do these things, you will:

  • Show that the outcome of your project is important to the organization
  • Answer decision-makers most frequently asked questions
  • Demonstrate that you have a clear objective, and a plan to get there

In other words, your IT project justification will be:

  • Informative
  • Understood
  • Credible

As anyone who evaluates IT project justifications knows, these three attributes can significantly improve the odds.

Next Steps

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Get Your IT Project Funded - 5 Steps To Improve The Odds, Review

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