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Subject: IT Budgeting - Communication

Tutorial: Get Your IT Project Funded - 5 Steps to Improve the Odds


Step 3. Flesh-out each of the key points with the necessary detail points

a) Alignment With Business Objective (or, Strategic Goal)

Implementation of technology is not a business outcome; it is an enabler of business outcomes. Justifications need to explain the relationship between the technology and the business outcome. Include:

  • The business objective that this project supports or enables.
    This is a restatement of what the business users, often the sponsors or advocates of the IT project, want to accomplish. Generally, to do something better, faster, or cheaper than is possible now.
  • A project objective statement.
    This specifies what the result of the project will be. "To [implement, complete, activate, etc.] [what] by [month, year] which will enable [business group, function, or process] to [increase, decrease, etc.] [what - related to business objective].

Here you provide brief statements to enable readers to quickly get the gist of the business and project objective covered by your proposal. Later, in the "Approach" section, you will explain how the business and project objectives will be achieved.

Get Your IT Project Funded - 5 Steps To Improve The Odds, Lesson 4 of 10

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