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Subject: IT Budgeting - Communication

Tutorial: Get Your IT Project Funded - 5 Steps to Improve the Odds


Step 1. Know Your Audience

The purpose of your IT project budget justification is to persuade decision-makers that they should approve and fund (i.e., allocate money in the budget) your project. You want them to make a spending decision; and, you hope that decision is to let you spend money on your project. Your audience is, of course, the decision-makers.

Who are these so-called decision-makers? They are your organization’s senior managers, financial managers, and a host of analysts (the people that have to read everything, organize the material for presentation; sometimes, they also make recommendations).

What do they want to know? Simply stated, they want to know the same kinds of things you do when you are trying to decide whether or not to purchase a product or service for yourself:

  • Is it what I want?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Will it do what it is supposed to do?
  • When will I get it?
  • Can I trust the seller?

Your message needs to address each of the above. Since they don’t know as much about the technology as you do and they may be considering hundreds (sometimes, thousands) of proposals, your writing must be clear, brief, and complete.

Get Your IT Project Funded - 5 Steps To Improve The Odds, Lesson 2 of 10

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