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Subject: IT Budgeting - Communication

Tutorial: Get Your IT Project Funded - 5 Steps to Improve the Odds


Getting Started - The Three Basic Questions

Most organizations require some form of written information to support expenditure requests; this is often referred to as a "budget justification."

This tutorial is designed for those who need to write an IT project budget justification; but, don’t have enough time to prepare a complete proposal. Thus, the emphasis of the tutorial is preparation under severe time constraints. A more comprehensive, and time-consuming approach can be found in the companion tutorial, IT Proposal Preparation Primer.

Good business writing takes time; and, that is something you don’t have a lot of. Nevertheless, you need to take the time to answer three basic questions:

  • What is my message? (the basic point(s) that you want to communicate)
  • What should it contain? (the substance of your communication)
  • What style is appropriate? (how it should be written)

We will help you answer the questions in the context of a five-step approach.

Get Your IT Project Funded - 5 Steps To Improve The Odds, Lesson 1 of 10

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