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Subject: IT Budgeting - Communication

Tutorial: Get Your IT Project Funded - 5 Steps to Improve the Odds

Issue: IT professionals often must develop project justifications on very short notice. As a result, they submit budget requests that don’t contain the basic information decision-makers need. This fosters decisions based more on costs than organizational needs; and, subjective evaluations rather than thoughtful consideration of the facts.

Purpose: This tutorial is designed for IT professionals who must prepare a project budget justification, and do it quickly. It covers the most basic information that is needed and is presented to facilitate relatively fast preparation of a justification. This is not a substitute for a comprehensive "business case", budget "proposal", or "cost-benefit analysis".

Objective: The intent is to help you prepare a justification that stands above the rest, using a five-step approach. Key points to remember when you are writing and reviewing your document are also included.

Your Comments: The goal of this web site is to provide useful information to those who must cope with the issues; this tutorial is part of that effort. RMS would appreciate your comments and suggestions to help us make the information as useful as possible. Please take a few minutes to complete the evaluation form at the end of this tutorial.

Get Your IT Project Funded - 5 Steps To Improve The Odds




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