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Subject: IT Performance Management

Tutorial: Introduction To IT Performance Management And Measurement


Tutorial Recap and Conclusion

In this tutorial, we have seen that:

  • Senior management often believes that IT organizations are wasteful and inefficient, based upon a track record of chronic cost overruns, late deliverables, etc.
  • The purpose of Performance Management is to assure that IT projects / activities achieve their planned level of performance and deliver intended results on time and within budget; this is "non-technical" performance management
  • IT organizations that maintain adequate performance management systems take a significant step toward restoring credibility
  • Performance management improvement efforts are often part of an overall effort including other processes, e.g., budgeting
  • Performance management involves the routine, and non-routine, measurement of key aspects of IT project / activity performance
  • An important benefit of performance management is the ability to detect incipient performance difficulties and correct them before they become problems

Performance management initiatives can materially improve the way an organization plans and conducts its business. Success requires:

  • time, and a sustained management commitment
  • adequate resources (analyst, training, process, and system)
  • careful planning, and a disciplined implementation approach

If you are responsible for developing and implementing a performance management initiative:

  • thoroughly research the literature
  • carefully evaluate your sources; many suggest questionable approaches
  • work with someone who has actually designed, implemented, and managed a performance management system - you can avoid years of wasted effort

Next Steps

You can:

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Introduction To IT Performance Management And Measurement, Review

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