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Subject: IT Performance Management

Tutorial: Introduction To IT Performance Management And Measurement



Take this quiz to see how well you understand what you've learned.
Note: Please answer all questions for the most accurate score.  Unanswered questions are scored as incorrect.

1. The goal of performance management is:

A. to assure that organizations link plans to strategic goals and business objectives
B. make funding decisions in light of project/activity benefits and outcomes that support those goals and objectives
C. actively manage projects and activities to assure that the intended benefits are realized as planned
D. all of the above

2. Adequate performance management brings credibility to the IT organization.


3. Non-technical performance measures are intended to replace technical performance measures in an IT organization.


4. Which of the following methods are used to assess and predict non-technical performance:

A. configuration management
B. trend analysis
C. fault management
D. all of the above

5. Performance management can be defined as "taking action after performance problems significantly affect the business".



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Introduction To IT Performance Management And Measurement - Quiz

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