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Subject: IT Performance Management

Tutorial: Introduction To IT Performance Management And Measurement


Part II.

IT Performance Management - What are some of the key terms and concepts?

Before we proceed further to describe how non-technical performance management works, some key terms and concepts should be discussed. Some of the terms used throughout this tutorial will be interpreted differently by different readers; therefore, a glossary of performance management terms is provided. These are meant to be useful interpretations, not standard definitions.

Three of the concepts underlying performance management, which often confuse novices, are an organizationís "management system", performance measures, and performance metrics:

  • A management system is an interconnected set of processes, and a process is a set of activities that produce products or services (results). For performance management and measurement purposes, products and services are treated alike. That is, the output of a process might be a product (such as a computer or a project deliverable) or a service (such as PC support help desk assistance). Products and services are tangible, measurable, and susceptible to analysis; thus,
  • Performance measures are indicators that can be systematically tracked to assess progress made in achieving predetermined objectives (e.g., the number of NT workstations deployed to replace Unix workstations) or service levels (e.g., help desk call resolution time).
  • Performance metrics are standards of measurement (such as minimum acceptable elapsed time to resolve help desk calls). A metric establishes a benchmark target that is compared to actual performance - the difference between the benchmark (the plan) and actual performance provides insight into what is working as planned and what is not.

Dealing with these concepts can become complicated and are often a bit intimidating and confusing at first. What is important is recognition that performance management is a sophisticated management tool and that we are introducing you to some of the basics.

Introduction To IT Performance Management And Measurement, Lesson 4 of 13

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