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Subject: IT Performance Management

Tutorial: Introduction To IT Performance Management And Measurement


5. Some of the approaches recommended in current literature can be risky.

As we have already noted, performance management and measurement are sophisticated management tools that can yield significant benefits to the organization. A review of approaches discussed in some current publications reveals that quite a few are based more upon academic theory than solid implementation experience.

For example: A recent article discussing how to develop performance indicators advises readers that the best approach is to "empower" operational staff by having them conduct "self-directed....brainstorming sessions" to identify performance indicators, measures, and metrics.

As anyone with extensive performance management system experience knows, the likely outcome of such a random approach will be long lists of things that might be measured (mostly inappropriate) but little that is useful in terms of what should be measured. That is not to say that operations management and staff should not be involved; their participation and acceptance is essential to the success of performance management initiatives. However, such efforts must be carefully structured, directed, and supported by expert guidance. Random, ill considered efforts produce little that is useful and can quickly undermine the credibility of the initiative.

The moral: Evaluate the source before you act upon the advice.

Introduction To IT Performance Management And Measurement, Lesson 13 of 13

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