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Subject: IT Performance Management

Tutorial: Introduction To IT Performance Management And Measurement


Part I.

What is Performance Management?

In general, performance management refers to the use of performance measurement information to help:

  • define organizational goals and objectives in clear, tangible, and quantified terms,
  • develop project / activity plans designed to attain the goals and objectives,
  • routinely monitor actual performance vs. plans,
  • analyze significant performance deviations,
  • advise (via routine performance reports) key managers of situations requiring attention,
  • formulate corrective action plans, and
  • implement corrective actions to remedy performance deviations or modify plans.

The goal of performance management is to assure that organizations link plans to strategic goals and business objectives, make funding decisions in light of project / activity benefits and outcomes that support those goals and objectives, and actively manage projects and activities to assure that the planned benefits are realized.

In short, it is actively and proactively managing an organization to assure that it achieves pre-determined levels of performance. In contrast, management that takes action only after a performance problem significantly affects the business is engaged in crisis management and damage control, not performance management.

Introduction To IT Performance Management And Measurement, Lesson 1 of 13

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