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Subject: IT Performance Management

Tutorial: Introduction To IT Performance Management And Measurement

Issue: IT organizations are being challenged to assure that their projects / activities, (1) are aligned with overall strategic goals and business objectives, and (2) deliver promised results on time and within budget. Although accustomed to measuring and managing technical performance (e.g., network downtime), many IT organizations have a poor track record of measuring and managing non-technical performance (e.g., budget, project schedules, and project risk).

Purpose: This is a high-level introduction to performance management and measurement designed for IT professionals who have little or no experience in non-technical performance management and measurement. The major activities involved in measuring and managing the contribution of IT projects / activities to an organization's strategic goals and business objectives are discussed.

Objective: Our aim is to provide an understanding of the basic principles of non-technical performance measurement and management systems applicable to IT projects and activities. We discuss the basic issues: (1) what is performance management, and why is it of concern to IT organizations; (2) what needs to be done to develop and implement performance management and measurement; and (3) things you should know before you undertake an IT performance management initiative.

Your Comments: The goal of this web site is to provide useful information to those who must cope with the issues; this tutorial is part of that effort. RMS would appreciate your comments and suggestions to help us make the information as useful as possible. Please take a few minutes to complete the evaluation form at the end of this tutorial.

Introduction To IT Performance Management And Measurement




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