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Subject: IT Decision-Making

Tutorial: The IT Investment Management Approach ("Approach")



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1. The goal of the IT Investment Management Approach is to ensure that an organization invests in the newest technology available.


2. The key element for senior management to make effective IT investment decisions is: good information.


3. Information generated in the Selection phase is used to monitor projects in the Control phase.


4. Key factors that contribute to successful implementation of the IT Investment Management Approach are:

A. involvement by top management
B. viewing IT as an investment instead of an expense
C. gradual, step-by-step implementation (not all at once)
D. all of the above

5. Which is most important when evaluating IT project proposals:

A. the type of technology that the project will use
B. which business objective the project will support
C. how long the project will take
D. how many people will be working on the project


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IT Investment Management Approach, Quiz

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