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Subject: IT Decision-Making

Tutorial: The IT Investment Management Approach ("Approach")


How the Approach Works - Selection Phase

Overview of the Selection Phase

The Approach begins with the Selection phase. Here, an organization will determine priorities and make decisions about which projects/activities will be funded. The purpose of the Selection phase is to ensure that planned and funded projects are technically sound and relevant to business strategies and objectives.

1. Plan

The IT organization undertakes planning and proposal development with full knowledge of the strategic goals and business objectives. The general information requirements are known; planning starts early enough to avoid an overload. The CIO is able to give meaningful planning guidance to his/her managers.

2. Propose

Clear and complete instructions about what is required, how it should be developed, and the appropriate form of submission are provided timely. Plans are sufficiently developed to enable consultation with business units prior to submission to higher management. (For helpful suggestions about the proposal process see the tutorial, the "IT Proposal Preparation Primer").

The project planner submits the proposals for review.

3. Review

The first step is to determine if proposals include the required information.

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