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Subject: IT Decision-Making

Tutorial: The IT Investment Management Approach ("Approach")


How the Approach Works - Control Phase

Adjustment May Be Required

Senior management now revisits their IT investment decisions in light of actual performance to date. Their attention is squarely focused on IT projects / activities that are not performing as planned. Based upon the information provided, and likely a discussion with the CIO and affected business managers, senior management may:

  • cancel or suspend the project,
  • increase the project’s budget (usually at the expense of a lower priority project), if the project’s results are critical and the corrective action plan is persuasive,
  • require a revised project plan; with concurrent changes to the affected business plan, or
  • more closely monitor the project’s performance until they are assured it is back on track

This process will be repeated monthly, sometimes quarterly.

Whatever the decision, senior management is in a position to effectively control IT projects / activities before its too late. This is made possible by key plan information developed during the Selection phase, and systematic monitoring and analysis of actual performance vs. the key plan information during the Control phase.

In other words, the analytic framework established by the IT Investment Management Approach enables the creation of actionable knowledge for senior managers.

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