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Subject: IT Decision-Making

Tutorial: The IT Investment Management Approach ("Approach")


How the Approach Works - Selection Phase

3. Review (continued)

Proposals that pass the first level of review are then analyzed, organized, and ranked according to their strategic and business alignment.

  • Goals or objectives that do not appear to be supported are identified; IT management can explain or make corrections early in the process.
  • Risks, costs, and benefits are analyzed. Proposals are organized for submission to senior management. Sometimes several project alternatives for meeting a single objective are submitted for consideration.
  • Based on the results of the review, the CIO submits project proposals (collectively: the "Proposed Budget") to senior management for review and decision-making.

If you were the decision-maker which would you choose (low risk indicates likelihood of delivering needed results as planned; high risk - results unlikely)?

IT Investment Management Approach, Lesson 10 of 21

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