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Subject: Information Technology Budgeting

Tutorial: What Every Manager Needs To Know About Budgeting



Take this quiz to see how well you understand what you've learned.

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1. It is not the job of technical professionals to put budgets together.


2. Senior management understands the importance of IT projects and will make the right decisions, regardless of budgeting plans.


3. Because of the scarcity of available resources, an important factor in determining whether an organization can receive and keep funding is:

A. how much funding an organization has already received
B. project planning and justification
C. how well actual implementation conforms to planned implementation
D. b and c only

4. Improving the budgeting process can help to make better budgeting decisions.


5. A common misconception of budgeting is:

A. budgeting is just a numbers game
B. budgeting is a competitive process
C. budgets help managers do their job
D. all of the above


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What Every Manager Needs To Know About Budgeting, Quiz

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