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RMS IT Budgeting Services - Support

Service Background

RMS’ clients frequently request our assistance to address seasonal workload demands. The peak budgetRegister Now -- ROI, Cost-Benefit, and Business Case Seminars For IT Pros season presents IT administrative offices with a dilemma: they know they should devote their time to high value-added work but they must also cope with enormous volumes of important administrative detail. Often, they can’t do both.

Their solution was to have RMS’ analysts work with budget administrative staff to relieve them of the mundane, but nonetheless important, budget details so that they could concentrate on the most important issues.

Service Description

Free your IT budget administrative management and staff to do the most important work. RMS’ analysts are available to work with budget administrative offices to meet seasonal workload imbalances, particularly during:

RMS’ analysts allow you to concentrate on the most important work, such as working with BU and IT managers to clarify IT project proposals. Working under your direction, RMS analysts perform the essential but time-consuming tasks, such as:

Ordinarily, Support Services assignments last from one to three weeks.

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You don’t have to wait for the next budget crunch to talk with us. Send us an e-Mail now so that we can be prepared to assist you when you need it.


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