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RMS IT Budgeting Services -  Consulting

RMS’ goal is to relieve the budget pain so that your IT experts are free to do what they do best.  We specialize inRegister Now -- ROI, Cost-Benefit, and Business Case Seminars For IT Pros helping our clients improve budget planning, management and cost control. Our work is divided into three categories: IT Budget Process and Systems, IT Cost Control, and IT Performance Management.

IT Budget Process and Systems

Few budgeting processes or systems were designed to meet the unique requirements of IT. Consequently, the IT budget process is often slow, cumbersome, and does little to help align IT with your organization's strategy and business objectives.

RMS’ budget specialists (with real world experience) thoroughly analyze and document your budget process, identify improvement opportunities and unproductive tasks, and deliver practical,  actionable recommendations for change. We work with our clients from start to finish to assure seamless implementation.

IT Cost Control

IT cost control doesn’t always mean cutting IT budgets; sometimes it means finding out where money is being wasted (e.g., paying for services you didn’t request or don't need) so that you can spend it where it is really needed.

RMS offers a range of cost control services that range from cost containment implementation programs to vendor billing recovery audits.

IT Performance Management

Senior management increasingly is pressuring IT organizations to assure that IT projects deliver promised results on-time and within budget. Performance management measurement processes are an effective means of accomplishing this goal.

RMS will develop and implement straightforward, and useful, performance management processes to help CIOs show that the IT organization is on track.

Contact RMS If You Would Like to Discuss Your IT Budgeting Issues.

Discuss your issues with us and we’ll tell you how RMS can help, how long it will take, and what it will cost. Send us an e-Mail and we’ll set up a meeting to discuss the matter.


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