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What are RMS’ IT Budgeting Advisory Services?

The goal of RMS’ IT Budgeting Advisory services is to help management get the results they want from in-house improvement efforts. Advisory services are short-term (generally, one-half to two day) engagements of senior RMS consultants to provide an objective assessment of planned improvement efforts.

How can RMS help if in-house Personnel are doing all the work?

Often, in-house personnel are motivated, skilled, and knowledgeable of their organization. These are all desirable attributes. What they typically lack is a broad base of experience with implementation of budget process improvement efforts - what works, and what doesn’t. Why should they? After all, it's not their area of expertise.

Recognizing what works, and what doesn’t, during conception and before implementation of a solution, can often spell the difference between success and failure. That’s where we can help. RMS talks with the senior planners, discusses the problem and planned approach, helps identify potential pitfalls or gaps, and suggests alternative approaches.

What are some illustrations of this Advisory Service?

Here are two illustrations of how we have helped before implementation, and one where we were brought in for a post mortem (RMS’ preference is to help clients do it right the first time):

Situation No. 1. The CIO wanted to demonstrate that business users, not the IT organization, were driving IT costs. Click here to view a synopsis.

Situation No. 2. IT business analysts wanted to raise the credibility of the IT organization by providing periodic performance reports to senior management. Earlier efforts were not successful. Click here to view a synopsis.

Situation No 3. A senior IT manager was tasked to supply the CIO with key project status reports. (A post mortem.) Click here to view a synopsis.

Want to know more about RMS’ Advisory Service, including one free consultation? Click here for more information.

To contact us regarding our Advisory Services, Click here.


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