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RMS teaches information technology professionals how to address the IT business management issues:

What is the Problem?

One out of every two information technology (IT) projects is destined to fall seriously short of expectations -- A sobering fact disclosed by industry and government research.

What is the Cause?

Recent surveys of IT professionals reveal key reasons why IT projects and activities don't meet expectations:

These are IT business management problems, not technical problems.  They require business solutions, not technical solutions.

Technically-adept professionals can meet expectations.   Learn how RMS helps them do it below.

How does RMS help?

There are four ways RMS assists non-financial professionals with the issues: 1. by providing an extensive (and free) online learning center, 2. training workshops, 3. short-term consulting and advisory services, and 4. development of specialized print and software products.

  1. RMS' Online Learning Center - A wealth of information (in plain English) about IT budgeting, performance measurement and metrics, project management, and more. Within the Learning Center's new Research Center you can find links to articles from technology journals and other sources. Just go to the top navigation bar; click on "Learning Center".
  1. Training - Training for the business skills that IT pros need. Our courses are for those who want to acquire "simple...just the basics" skills in justification writing, cost-benefit analysis, and more. Click here for a complete listing of our Training Services.
  1. Consulting and Advisory - We are accustomed to helping technical organizations with problems such as "our technical staff needs to explain the costs to business unit managers, but the reports that finance gives us are useless". Click here for a complete listing of our Consulting Services. Sometimes IT professionals just want some expert advise on an IT business issue that they plan to resolve in-house, e.g., "what kinds of problems should we avoid in designing our performance metrics reports to top management". That’s what RMS’ Advisory Services are all about. Click here for more information about our Advisory Services.
  1. Products - RMS develops publications and software applications for non-financial professionals that make the planning and budgeting process simpler and faster. Visit our Products section and see what we have to offer.

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