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Service Background

Over the years, managers within our client’s IT organizations have approached RMS’ senior consultants to help them:

Why would an IT manager, who is an expert in his/her technical discipline, request assistance? Precisely because they are technical experts, not budget experts. They know that an expert’s insight can make a difference.

Service Description

This Advisory Service is for clients who want the judgment and insight of a highly experienced specialist on an important budget-related issue. Typically, we start with a brief discussion to outline the issue and determine what the client would like to achieve. Then we schedule a conference to review the matter in-depth and make our observations.

Typically, this short-term advisory assistance requires no more than one-half to two days of our consultants time.

Advisory Fee (No-Fee First Consultation for New Clients)

The fee depends upon the nature of the issue, the time required, and the level of specialist we assign. Out-of-town expenses are paid by the client.

RMS’ goal is to establish long-term working relationships with our clients. So, we are prepared to provide the Advisory Service to new clients the first time without charge.

Contact Us

If you have a budget-related issue and want the Service, send us an e-Mail and one of our senior consultants will call you at the time you specify.


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