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FAST ROI for IT Calculator – “Quick” Version (Excel Add-on)

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FAST ROI for IT Calculator – “Quick” Version
Publisher: Resource Management Systems, Inc.
Version 1.0, Add-on for Microsoft Excel 2003


FAST ROI Calculator for IT is for anyone who must quickly and easily produce the ROI numbers (Payback, Net Present Value, Payback) that decision-makers are demanding. This indispensable tool does the calculations in seconds; the color-coded "thumbs up/down" dashboard makes the results crystal clear.

Version 1.0 is the "Quick" version for anyone who needs to get these three basic financial metrics fast and easy:

  • Payback Period - PP (How quickly does this project pay for itself?)
  • Net Present Value - NPV (How much is this project worth in today’s money?)
  • Internal Rate of Return - IRR (If the financial benefits are restated as an interest rate, what would the rate be?)




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