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FAST Planner for IT (Excel Add-on)

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FAST Planner for IT
Publisher: Resource Management Systems, Inc.
Version 1.0, Add-on for Microsoft Excel


What It Is

  1. What does FAST Planner for IT do?
  2. Who is FAST Planner for IT designed for?
  3. What types of organizations is it suitable for?
  4. Is it a project management software?
  5. I already have a project management software, why use FAST Planner for IT?
  6. Is there a network or workgroup version available?

Ease of Use and Training

  1. Is it difficult to learn and use?
  2. Is there a "help" function and a user manual?
  3. Do I need training to use FAST Planner for IT?
  4. How quickly can I create a project plan and cost estimate?
  5. I am already using RMS' "11 Steps" Guide to help write my project's budget justification; are they cross-referenced?

What It Does

  1. Can I save my project's information to a project management software for detailed planning and tracking?
  2. How many budget years is the software designed to accommodate?
  3. Can it only be used for information technology projects?
  4. There is some information (e.g., project number) that I don't know yet; how much information do I need to create a plan and cost estimate?
  5. Right now, I just want to create a Gantt chart for a Powerpoint presentation to management; does FAST Planner for IT let me do this?

System Requirements and Other

  1. Do I need to have Microsoft Project installed to use FAST Planner for IT?
  2. Why use Microsoft Excel as the platform instead of a full feature project management software?
  3. Is it Y2K compliant?
  4. What software do I need to run FAST Planner for IT?
  5. What are the minimum system requirements?

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