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FAST Planner for IT (Excel Add-on)

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FAST Planner for IT
Publisher: Resource Management Systems, Inc.
Version 1.0, Add-on for Microsoft Excel


When the need is to develop project plans and cost estimates quickly, and communicate resource requirements to higher management "right now", you don't have time to set up spreadsheets or relearn your project management software.

You need a tool that is as easy as a, b, c; so you can focus on what is really important. With FAST Planner for IT you simply:

  • Enter the basic information.
  • List the major work phases.
  • Click on the resources you need.
  • Done!

This high level planning tool gives you the "big picture" quickly. Pre-built reports let you deliver the information management wants. You can organize your project reports by title, cost, strategic category, or one of the many other options. There is even a report for the more financially-oriented folks who want to see cost details.

With FAST Planner for IT's preview and reporting capabilities, you immediately see high-level action plans and cost estimates for one or many projects/activities. You can deliver informative and professionally designed reports to decision-makers in an instant.

An added bonus for MS Project 95 users... With the touch of a button FAST Planner for IT will automatically: 1) export your project data to MS Project, 2) create a Gantt chart ready to paste into a presentation or report, and 3) generate a report that displays multiple Gantt charts on a single page for action plan comparison at-a-glance. You don't even need to know how to use MS Project 95 to do this!



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