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Cost-Benefit Analysis -- Just the Basics!

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Cost-Benefit Analysis -- Just the Basics!
Publisher: Resource Management Systems, Inc.
ISBN: 0-9707733-3-1
244 Pages; Metal Bound


Anyone involved in information technology decisions that impact the business. In other words, just about everyone!

IT Professionals. CIOs, project leads, and technical staff who are tasked to develop a cost-benefit analysis for their own use or for higher management.

  • What to do.
  • How to do it.
  • Step-by-step.

Business Analysts. Those tasked to assess proposals generated by internal IT staff or submitted by external vendors. An important outline for reviewing proposals submitted by others.

  • “Checklist” of CBA facts to expect.
  • Refresher guide for those who haven’t done one in a while.
  • Desktop reference to explain concepts to others.

Managers. People who make the decisions find the high-level “preview” and “overview” pages a “quick read” to help focus review board discussions. A “must have” for Q&A sessions with the technical pros.

  • Frame the review questions.
  • Tell (and show) people the facts you need.
  • Discuss the decision factors in business terms.

Contract Staff. Your vendors may be the experts in their technology; just make sure “their” solution is right for “your” business.

  • Tell vendors what facts you want them to provide (Hint. They don’t always know.)
  • Ask the right business-oriented questions at meetings.
  • Review vendor proposals or compare proposals to pinpoint the “best value”.

Technology Vendors. Now that savvy organizations are asking about business results and not just the wonders of technology, you know that you have to deliver credible, convincing facts to show that your product or service is the “best” choice.

  • Answer client questions before they have to ask.
  • Demonstrate that your product/service really is better. (Not the bells and whistles anymore.) 
  • Explain your technology in terms client decision-makers will understand.



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