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Cost-Benefit Analysis -- Just the Basics!

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Cost-Benefit Analysis -- Just the Basics!
Publisher: Resource Management Systems, Inc.
ISBN: 0-9707733-3-1
244 Pages; Metal Bound


Cost-Benefit Analysis, Step-By-Step, Just the Basics! This hands-on guide to cost-benefit analysis converts the theory into a practical, plain-English, tool for evaluating alternative technology solutions to business problems. Technical and business professionals in both the private and public sectors appreciate the fact that this procedural guide was developed and written for people who actually have to produce a credible Cost-Benefit Analysis. Most users have little or no finance or economics background.

Make no mistake, this is not another warmed-over economics textbook re-titled “cost-benefit analysis”. You won’t find any discussion of ‘transfer pricing” or “general equilibrium theory” . You will find chapter titles like “Step 4. Measure What You Get (Benefits)” and “Step 5. Measure What You Give (Costs)” are typical of the straightforward language used throughout to explain this topic.

This book is designed for people who have to actually produce a credible cost-benefit analysis. Usually with minimal information and very little time.

The CBA procedure is divided into eight-steps:

  • Each step is a separate chapter. (See the “Table of Contents”)
  • Each step tells you: what it is, what you need to do, and how to do it (See the “Sample Pages”)
  • Illustrative examples are developed and refined at each step so you can see how it works
  • More than 30 templates, checklists, and sample formats are provided
  • Simple graphics are used extensively (more than 400) to clarify difficult ideas
  • The 100 questions people ask most about cost-benefit analysis are answered in FAQ sections

This book is an indispensable guide for anyone who needs to prepare a cost-benefit analysis; it is a valuable reference for those who tell others to do it.



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