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How To Build A Business Case
A Practical Guide to Persuasive Business Case Writing

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How To Build a Business Case!
The Practical Guide to Persuasive Business Case Writing
Publisher: Resource Management Systems, Inc.
ISBN: 978-0-9707733-4-0; Publication Date: April 2007
182 Pages; Metal Bound + CD-ROM


This is for business analysts, technical professionals, project managers, technical or line of business managers - anyone who writes, guides, or uses a business case. Here are three examples of the people who use the techniques, tools, and methods included in the Book and Companion CD:

Beth - Senior Business Analyst (Financial Services) In her role as business analyst, Beth straddles the IT and business world. Her job is to facilitate the definition, approval, prioritization and project management of multiple projects for a line of business. She is expected to understand the business and information technology.

Beth's role isn't actually to write business cases, but she is expected to brief senior business and technology decision makers on the rationale for a proposed project and explain the business value clearly and concisely. She often finds herself refining cases drafted by either the technical professionals of line of business staff. "I always knew what a case was; but, the templates help me put draft cases in order very quickly and fill-in fact gaps before I go before management."

Carl - Team Lead-Application Development Services (Government) His area is middleware components and common services framework development and application library development that deliver components/services to application teams. In addition to his technically-oriented responsibilities, Carl is expected to "consult" with business stakeholders concerning their needs and explain the need for projects needed to improve business performance to both senior IT management and Finance.

Carl never imagined he would be expected to make "compelling" business cases for his projects. The agency recently implemented the first stage of a new IT "governance framework"; business cases are now required of all projects with an ownership cost exceeding $50,000. "Business case-writing was never a topic in my JAVA/J2EE training…. Our new internal business case instructions are a bit "thin"; this [Book] explain what I'm expected to do in everyday language…the examples are a big help."

Mary - Document Architecture Lead Planner (Pharmaceutical) Mary and her team are responsible for supporting and implementing output and document management technologies for this document-intensive and highly-regulated organization. Mary's team is responsible for researching and recommending for pilot testing existing and emerging document management technologies to improve business performance.

"The document management field is advancing so rapidly that it isn't possible for our small team to investigate them all thoroughly. Although we don't make the final project implementation recommendations, the choices of which technologies to assess is a critical 'upstream' project activity. We use the short, one-page business case format to outline the key facts to help us make good choices. My analysts now have a shared standard they can follow. They know what I need and how to put it together."

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