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11 Steps to Developing Winning IT Budget Justifications
A How-To Guide

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11 Steps to Developing Winning IT Budget Justifications - A How-To Guide (2nd Ed.)
Publisher: Resource Management Systems, Inc.
ISBN: 0-9707733-1-5
144 Pages; Metal Bound


You don't need to be a budget expert to write a persuasive justification. This Guide shows you how to do it as quickly, easily, and as painlessly as possible.

Here are some pages from the Guide -- see why this is a "must have" for busy IT/IS professionals working in business or government organizations.


Sample worksheets help you organize the facts for easy writing; checklists help you avoid the common pitfalls.

These tools help you save time and get the right information quickly.


The modular structure lets you focus on one part of the justification at a time. Section Dividers tell you: what to do, why you are doing it, how much time to spend, and the outcome.

Step-by-step, you will write a clear, complete and persuasive justification.

Increase The Odds Of Success:

Straightforward writing examples show you exactly how to write the key information elements so that non-technical decision-makers will understand the value of what you propose to do.

This Guide will help you deliver a complete "package" of information that decision-makers typically want to know, in a language that they understand.



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