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11 Steps to Developing Winning IT Budget Justifications
A How-To Guide

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11 Steps to Developing Winning IT Budget Justifications - A How-To Guide (2nd Ed.)
Publisher: Resource Management Systems, Inc.
ISBN: 0-9707733-1-5
144 Pages; Metal Bound


The "11 Steps" Guide is designed specifically for writing budget justifications for projects or recurring activities. The two most common writing challenges that non-financial professionals face are:

  • inadequate guidance about what to write or how to write it, and
  • time pressure

The Guide gives you a practical, step-by-step procedure for writing the information that decision-makers want. Each of the 11 Steps concentrates on one aspect of a complete justification, including:

  • showing alignment with the organization's strategy (Step 2)
  • demonstrating needs and writing business objectives (Step 4)
  • explaining a project's risks (Step 6)
  • convincing decision-makers that you are recommending the best alternative (Step 8)
  • calculating and presenting the costs (Step 10)

As you complete each step, your justification begins to materialize. If you only want to write about business objectives, resource needs, and budget requirements, the Guide's modular design lets you focus on just what you want.

Save time by writing only what you need to; improve the odds of getting approval by telling decision-makers what they want to know.

The 11-Step Approach

The 11-Step Approach is a methodology and procedure for writing informative and persuasive IT budget justifications. The writing approach presented in the "11 Steps" Guide emphasizes:

  • succinct explanations that higher management will read,
  • clear presentation that can be understood, and
  • persuasive demonstration to improve the odds that your project or activity will be approved and funded.

The conviction that IT / IS decisions are important investment decisions and that the price tag alone is not sufficient for sound decision-making. It is also based upon the knowledge that few IT / IS professionals have a clue about how to most effectively communicate their budget needs to senior management.



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