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FAST Planner for IT
Publisher: Resource Management Systems, Inc.
Version 1.0, Add-on for Microsoft Excel


What It Is

Q. What does FAST Planner for IT do?

A. When the pressure is on and you just want to make ball park estimates "right now", FAST Planner for IT lets you:

  • easily outline high-level project and activity work plans,
  • quickly estimate potential resource requirements and schedules,
  • immediately see what your project(s) might cost, and
  • instantly view or print a variety of informative, pre-built reports for your own use or for decision-makers.

If you have Microsoft Project installed, you can even save your project cost, schedule, and resource data as an MS Project file for later detailed planning and tracking.

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Q. Who is FAST Planner for IT designed for?

A. FAST Planner for IT is designed for busy professionals who need to develop a project plan and preliminary cost estimate quickly. It is designed by people who know that, at the early project and budget planning stages, you and the decision-makers want key summary information, not exhaustive task details or accounting-level cost information.

It is primarily designed for use at the early planning stage of IT / IS projects when you want to be able to outline the major work phases, try out some possible schedules, and get an idea of what the costs might be.

You only need to have Microsoft Excel installed in your PC and FAST Planner for IT lets you start entering the information you know right away. FAST Planner for IT has several features that can be used by anyone who has MS Project installed (you don't need to know how to use MS Project).  For example, you might want to create a Gantt chart to include in a presentation or report.   All you need to do in FAST Planner is select "Gantt" - FAST Planner uses MS Project to create the chart for you.

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Q. What types of organizations is it suitable for?

A. Any organization that needs to produce high-level estimates of costs and work plans as part of their decision-making process can use FAST Planner for IT to speed-up the planning process, assure consistency of content and presentation, and improve information for decision-making purposes.

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Q. Is it a project management software?

A. FAST Planner for IT is not a fully-featured project management software; its purpose is to facilitate the early planning and decision-making process by quickly estimating costs and major project phases for individual use or submission to higher management. Later, when more detailed schedules and cost numbers need to be developed, users of Microsoft Project can save most of the data created in FAST Planner for IT as a Microsoft Project file.

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Q. I already have a project management software, why use FAST Planner for IT?

A. At the initial project planning stage, many professionals don't use their fully-featured project management software to do course-grained estimates of time frames and potential costs. Later, they may reenter the data into their project software.

FAST Planner for IT not only speeds up the process of doing the initial estimates, it has built-in reporting capabilities specifically designed to support early decision-making for one or many projects. In addition, project data can be saved as a Microsoft Project file.

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Q. This is a single user version of the software.  Is there a network or multi-user version available?

A. This version of FAST Planner is intended for IT/IS professionals who are responsible for planning and budgeting one or many projects or activities; however, network or multi-user versions are not yet available.

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