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FAST Planner for IT
Publisher: Resource Management Systems, Inc.
Version 1.0, Add-on for Microsoft Excel


What It Does

Q. Can I save my project's information to a project management software for detailed planning and tracking?

A. Yes. FAST Planner for IT will automatically export project data (e.g., action plan, schedule, resource, and cost) to MS Project 95 only for those who wish to prepare more detailed plans.

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Q. How many budget years is the software designed to accommodate?

A. Each project is deliberately limited to a single fiscal year (any 12 consecutive calendar months).

The reason for this is two-fold:

1. Most organizations' budget planning is based on a 12-month fiscal period. Even organizations that utilize Capital Budgeting and Capital Fund Accounting for large-scale, multi-year projects (e.g., bridge construction) generally revisit budgets on an annual basis.

2. The current trend in IT / IS project planning is to break large-scale, long-term (i.e., multi-year) projects into smaller, more manageable and controllable components.

If you do need to plan and estimate the costs of a project that will span several fiscal years, FAST Planner for IT will require that you create a separate plan and cost estimate for each of the fiscal years. You can create project plans and estimates for as many years into the future as you wish.

This will help you determine, and report on, how much you think you might do and how much you might spend in each of those years.

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Q. Can it only be used for information technology projects?

A. FAST Planner for IT can actually be used for the initial planning of any type of project. The Planner's built-in flexibility enables users to change most pre-defined terms (entry fields and pick list items) to their preferences. Most IT specific terms used can either be changed or skipped, but the data you entered for a non-IT oriented action plan and cost estimate remain in tact for you to easily generate reports, Gantt charts and other information.

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Q. There is some information (e.g., project number) that I don't know yet; how much information do I need to create a plan and cost estimate?

A. You can create a plan and cost estimate with minimal information, e.g. a name for the project, an estimated start and end date, and a rough estimate of the resources you think you might require is all that is necessary.

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Q. Right now, I just want to create a Gantt chart for a Powerpoint presentation to management; does FAST Planner for IT let me do this?

A. Yes, if you have Microsoft Project installed. FAST Planner for IT will automatically create a Microsoft Project file (Gantt chart), if you wish. Once that file has been created, FAST Planner for IT enables you to paste the Gantt chart directly into a presentation or report.

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