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FAST Planner for IT
Publisher: Resource Management Systems, Inc.
Version 1.0, Add-on for Microsoft Excel


System Requirements and Other

Q. Do I need to have Microsoft Project installed to use FAST Planner for IT?

A. No. You only need to have Microsoft Excel installed.

Several advanced features, e.g., automatic Gantt chart creation, do require that Microsoft Project be installed on your PC. FAST Planner for IT is designed to work with Microsoft Project for those who want to produce preliminary, high-level Gantt charts and use a project management software for detailed planning, scheduling, costing, and tracking at a later date.

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Q. Why use Microsoft Excel as the platform instead of a full feature project management software?

A. Some of FAST Planner for IT's features, especially certain reports, are beyond the present design parameters of the most popular project management software packages. Furthermore, not everyone involved in the early project planning stages needs or wants a project management software or knows how to use it.

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Q. Is it Y2K compliant?

A. Yes.

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Q. What software do I need to run FAST Planner for IT?

A. Microsoft Excel is required. If you also have Microsoft Project installed, FAST Planner for IT allows you to save resource, schedule, and cost data as a Project file and generate Gantt charts from Microsoft Project.

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Q. What are the minimum system requirements?

A. Following are hardware and system operating software requirements for FAST Planner for IT version 1.0:

CPU 100% IBM Compatible PC with Minimum 486/66 processor, Pentium recommended
Memory Minimum 16 MB RAM, 32 MB recommended
Operating System Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
Application Microsoft Excel 95, Microsoft Excel 97
Available Hard Disk Space Minimum 5 MB of hard disk space
Video Minimum 256 color VGA display, SVGA or higher recommended
Mouse Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device
Printer Any printer supported by Windows
Notes Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 to view and print the detailed user manual.  (available as a free download).
Microsoft Project is required for users who wish to automatically generate Gantt charts or automatically export data to MS Project 95 only.
Microsoft Word is also required, in addition to Microsoft Project 95 to generate enhanced reports, such as Projects/Activities At-A-Glance Report.

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