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FAQs:  IT Budgeting

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Q. Is there any point to talking with our groupís budget analyst while Iím developing my project budget justification?

A. Most budget analysts are willing to spend some time with people developing budget proposals or justifications. There are at least three (3) circumstances when you should talk to your group’s budget analyst:

  1. there are no written instructions that tell what should be included/excluded,
  2. you have the instructions, but you don’t understand them, and
  3. you are new to the process and could use some helpful insights, e.g., "the CFO hates proposals that only talk about the technology and not about the business benefits too".

The budget analysts offer a unique perspective in that they review all proposals that are submitted for funding. The analysts determine if the proposals meet all stated criteria and then recommend to senior management which proposals should be considered. You can benefit from this knowledge.

Remember, most budget analysts will not write the justification for you. They will, however, guide you on what needs to be included.

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