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Q. What is the standard ratio of PC Support personnel to employees for companies employing 150 or less people?

A. Determining the "right" amount of PC support staff is a question that plagues large and small firms alike. Here are some of the factors that will affect the answer and a rule of thumb that you might find helpful.

The Factors

  1. Complexity of your environment (e.g., extent to which applications, platforms, and hardware are standardized)
  2. Expertise of your user base (e.g., technically-oriented or computer novices)
  3. Importance of IT to your organization (e.g., supports mission critical functions)

Rule of Thumb

The following is based upon the composite experiences of a few organizations with 100 to 200 users. This is a listing of typical PC support activities and the average number of days per month required for minimum support.

Activity # Days per Month
(minimum support)

Telephone and in-person support 14 Work Days
Equipment maintenance 5 Work Days
Research and information gathering 15 Work Days
Information preparation and dissemination 4 Work Days
Hardware / software evaluation 5 Work Days
Management activities 6 Work Days
Contract negotiation 6 Work Days
Technical events 1 Work Day
Meetings 4 Work Days
Seminars/Training 6 Work Days
Total Work Days: 

Based on an average of 20 work days per month, an organization with 150 PCs would require 3 full-time support personnel (i.e., 61/20) or 1 person per 50 PCs. This is a fairly general rule; organizations that are highly reliant upon IT often need more PC support.

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