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FAQs:  IT Budgeting

FAQs & Glossaries

IT Budgeting

1. The Importance of Budgets Explained [click here]

Q. Budgets - Are they really necessary?

2. End-user System Requirements [click here]

Q. I manage an IT budget office and am trying to decide on a suitable budgeting system. How do I ensure that the requirements from the end-users are met?

3. How Long Should It Take [click here]

Q. It took over five months to complete our IT budget this year, and another several months of the new year passed before we knew what was approved. How can we do it more quickly so that we can get it over with? How long should it take?

4. Who Should Decide [click here]

Q. Should technical people evaluate and make decisions on IT projects instead of financial, budget people? The technical people know IT and should decide on what’s needed.

5. Evaluation Criteria [click here]

Q. How do I use my organization’s "IT project evaluation criteria" to help write my project’s budget justification?

6. Working With the Budget Analysts [click here]

Q. Is there any point to talking with our group’s budget analyst while I’m developing my project budget justification?

7. Why Management Does Not Fund All Projects [click here]

Q. I am a programmer - I’m curious to know why management doesn’t just give us the money we need to do our job?




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