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FAST Planner for IT
Publisher: Resource Management Systems, Inc.
Version 1.0, Add-on for Microsoft Excel


FAST Planner for IT’s support options include:

A. Program Help

B. Technical Support

A. FAST Planner Program Help

There are seven types of program help (i.e., questions about using the software) available for FAST Planner for IT users:

  1. Program Help Files
  2. Program User Guide
  3. Program "Hints"
  4. Online "Tips and Hints"
  5. Online "FAQ’s"
  6. Online Case Examples
  7. User Questions -- E-mail Support

1. Program Help Files

Be sure to take advantage of the substantial Help files available in your FAST Planner program. Planner’s Help function includes both instructions about the software’s functions and useful examples.

2. Program User Guide

A comprehensive User Guide is supplied with the program in .pdf format. The Guide contains detailed instructions, hints, and illustrations.

3. Program Hints

Above many of FAST Planner’s data entry cells, you will notice a yellow "Hint" button. Program hints give users a quick description of the type of information that they may enter; some include examples.

4. Online "Tips and Hints"

Novice FAST Planner users are immediately able to produce useful information about one or many projects and recurring activities. Although simple and easy to use, Planner has sophisticated capabilities that users quickly begin to recognize (e.g., the ability to show how much of the budget would be spent on strategic priorities).

The FAST Planner "Tips and Hints" section of this web site provides suggestions for getting the most out of your application. Some tips and hints are basic; others are more sophisticated.

5. Online FAQ’s

Because the product’s design is so unique, we receive a lot of questions about FAST Planner for IT: what it is, what it does, how it works, etc. The Planner FAQ section provides answers to more than 50 commonly asked questions.

6. Online Case Examples

Planner’s Online Case Examples show you how individuals and organizations are using FAST Planner for IT to solve the kinds of problems that Planner was designed for; it also includes some novel applications.

7. User Questions -- E-mail Support

Registered FAST Planner for IT users may e-mail us 24-hours a day for program support. Typically, the questions pertain to unique requirements of an individual user or organization. These questions are submitted (, and answered, via e-mail. Since most of the questions are not of general interest, the answers are not posted on this web site.

FAST Planner Technical Support

Customer support representatives are available for no-charge technical support for the following issues:

  • First-time installation.
  • FAST Planner product defects.

Representatives are available Monday to Friday between the hours of 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM Eastern Time to support registered users.

Before You Call:

To get a faster answer when you call for phone support with a FAST Planner customer support representative, please prepare by doing the following:

  • Have your product serial number ready (provided when you purchased your software); check and record the release and available system information.
  • For installation problems, be prepared to describe the steps you took and the exact onscreen messages that indicated the problem.
  • For product defect problems, be at your computer with FAST Planner for IT on the screen. Our customer support representatives can help you best if you're ready to step through the sequence that led to your question. If a problem occurs, try to narrow down the steps that led to it. If a message appears, write down the exact wording

The FAST Planner for IT telephone support number is 212-633-2001.

Note: Users of unauthorized copies of the program will not receive technical support; to receive support, simply purchase a license for the product in the "Products" section of this web site.



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