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IT Professional's Guide to Budgeting and Cost Control

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IT Professional's Guide to Budgeting and Cost Control
Publisher: TechRepublic
162 Pages; Metal Bound; plus CD ROM


Not everyone is a born financial whiz. While some IT professionals enjoy the budgetary process, more often than not, they dread it. Whether you're an old hand at budgeting, a newly promoted CIO or IT manager, or suddenly find this budget responsibility delegated to you, you're facing a world of lean IT staffs, skyrocketing security issues, and demanding upper management.

With TechRepublic's IT Professional's Guide to Budgeting and Cost Control, you'll have the information in hand to stretch your dollar and learn how other IT pros have saved vast sums of money for their organizations. You'll soon know how to:

  • Identify cost cutting measures that will work for your enterprise
  • Calculate the total cost of ownership for an IT investment
  • Squeeze maximum life out of your existing computer hardware
  • Estimate costs for a variety of IT implementations
  • Balance the budget without stripping necessary resources
  • Evaluate whether open source solutions are right for your organization
  • Link your budget and cost-cutting maneuvers to the organization's larger business goals

Get ready for tomorrow's IT challenges today! Order your copy of IT Professional's Guide to Budgeting and Cost Control and make you're ready to tackle budget season with skill and confidence.



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