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IT Professional's Guide to Budgeting and Cost Control

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IT Professional's Guide to Budgeting and Cost Control
Publisher: TechRepublic
162 Pages; Metal Bound; plus CD ROM



  • Budget Basics
  • Expense Planning and Calculation
  • IT Cost Control and Reduction
  • Open Source Alternatives
  • Resources
  • Case Studies

Budget Basics

  • IT managers, prepare to do more with less
  • Four ways to spend less but deliver more
  • Learn to write a convincing cost benefit analysis
  • Budget talks: What you say vs. what they hear
  • Readers offer more tips for winning budget talks
  • Prevent project cost overruns with these four essential processes
  • Learn to juggle a project budget
  • Understand the cost of collecting metrics
  • Two quick ways to estimate the cost of a new project
  • Six budget-saving strategies for an IT project
  • Follow these four tips to reduce project costs
  • Should you hire a contractor or a full-time employee?
  • How to calculate and convey the true cost of downtime
  • Are you charging your cost centers properly?
  • E-business spending: The risk of too much caution
  • Where did all the money I saved go?
  • Is that IT investment paying off? Check the TCO
  • Make your case with total cost of ownership
  • The myth of TCO
  • ROI: A deceptively simple budgeting yardstick
  • Why ROI can sometimes lie

Expense Planning and Calculation

  • Planning basics: What to consider when estimating the cost of deploying firewalls
  • Questions to ask when estimating hardware and software costs for firewalls
  • Evaluating the real cost of an enterprise firewall
  • Figure firewall purchase costs with our spreadsheet
    Example of costs for software-based firewall
  • A tool to calculate the value of PSA software
    PSA software ROI spreadsheet
  • CMS strategy: Don't put the cart before the horse
  • Consider these factors when determining ROI on a CMS
  • Check out our white paper on the costs of tech support
    Managing the costs of tech support

IT Cost Control and Reduction

  • Before wielding the budget scalpel, diagnose the company culture
  • How to "cut" 10 percent now and save staff later
  • Asset management promises cost savings
  • Asset management: Know what you want
  • Spending wisely during down times
  • Waiting to buy hardware may not be the best cost-saving strategy
  • Save money on hardware with these 10 tips
  • Extend the life of your Windows 2000 server
  • Save a bundle by recycling computer parts
  • Twenty tips to keep PCs out of the junk pile
  • Make laptop deployment cost-effective with these tips
  • What invoices don't tell you about the cost of PDAs
  • Extend the life of your printers with these tips
  • The astronomical cost of misused dot matrix printers
  • How to contain development costs in a multiple-machine environment
  • Automated testing saves money if done right
  • Sifting through the complexities of server software pricing
  • Tips for designing a cost-efficient network
  • Virtual private networks save money, increase productivity
  • Overcome limited resources with a wireless LAN
  • Public folders keep e-mail growth in check
  • How to begin archiving your organization's e-mail

Open Source Alternatives

  • Evaluating Linux: Reality vs. hype
  • Is Linux a cost-effective enterprise solution?
  • Consider these cost issues before choosing Linux
  • Members debate the true cost of Linux
  • Save big by replacing NT file servers with Linux Samba
  • Give old PCs a new lease on life as Linux firewalls
  • Building your own firewall with FreeBSD and Linux


  • Free tutorials help managers write better budgets
  • How to get free money for technology R&D
  • Member suggests free RFP-finding solution
  • Consider these low-cost antivirus solutions
  • Save money with these freeware gems
  • Freeware programs save you time and money
  • Evaluating TCO for iPlanet, Apache, and IIS
  • ISA Server's Web cache can save you cash on bandwidth costs
  • How to determine the value of IntelliMirror in your organization
  • Cut costs with IOGEAR's ShareView terminal server system
  • Disk-to-disk backup lowers costs, increases reliability
  • Strategies for stretching training dollars

Case Studies

  • Store chain is sold on Linux
  • Admin finds low-cost VPN solution using Linux
  • Member cuts networking costs with a WLAN
  • Nonprofit uses open source solutions to build cheap Web server
  • Database product saves time and money by breathing new life into bank server
  • Software helps manage company resources
  • How one government IS manager saved $60,000 in recruiting fees
  • How one IT specialist saved his agency $50,000
  • XML middleware boosts productivity tenfold
  • Online auctions can save hardware bucks
  • How PDFs can cut paper costs
  • More ways PDFs can trim IT costs
  • With careful research, eBay can be a powerful purchasing tool
  • Eliminating monthly consultant visits saved IT shop 30 percent
  • Budget tips: How tough negotiating saved one manager $184,000
  • Use Web-based help desk to save money
  • Cut costs and keep customers happy with Web-based support
  • Sometimes it pays to keep projects in-house
  • An IT manager speaks out: "The most difficult budget challenge I've ever faced"




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