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IT Professional's Guide to Budgeting and Cost Control

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IT Professional's Guide to Budgeting and Cost Control
Publisher: TechRepublic
162 Pages; Metal Bound; plus CD ROM


Some IT managers find success more easily than others. This is true whether one is fulfilling the role of project manager, IT or MIS director, or chief information or technology officer. Several factors, of course, contribute to an IT professionalís ability to identify weaknesses, develop solutions, and overcome challenges. Unfortunately, business acumen is often overlooked as a requisite qualification for IT managers. Leaders who are blessed with charisma and who excel as motivators canít necessarily manage their IT enterprises with those traits alone.

An IT manager without both a sound background in business and finance and an understanding of how an organizationís data, information, and systems contribute to its overall business goals is working at a distinct disadvantage in todayís market. In many cases, a lack of business administration expertise can sink even the most technically astute IT executive.

TechRepublicís IT Managerís Guide to Business Strategy is the valuable resource todayís IT professionals need to fill critical business administration knowledge gaps. Together, the book and its companion Business Strategy Tool Kit CD-ROM present important information, recommendations, and tools that you can leverage to:

  • Maximize business intelligence to ease integration, boost sales, and build profitability.
  • Predict the costs of ownership and returns on investment for software, hardware, and business systems.
  • Overcome budgeting challenges and justify new initiatives.
  • Grow leadership skills.
  • Manage an IT departmentís daily operations.
  • Improve development processes.
  • Create IT policies and procedures that are well aligned with an organizationís business objectives.
  • Lead IT due diligence efforts during mergers and acquisitions.

As a special supplement to the book, the Business Strategy Tool Kit CD-ROM contains valuable tools and templates that can save you time and help you thoroughly plan your next IT initiative. These customizable forms, checklists, and templates can help you make quick work of any number of chores, both routine and otherwise.

A challenging economy, increased competition, budget restrictions, and industry trends can all conspire to derail even a seasoned IT veteranís best management efforts. Learn how todayís top IT managers and executives keep their departments focused, efficient, and attuned to their organizationsí larger goals and objectives. With TechRepublicís IT Managerís Guide to Business Strategy and its accompanying Business Strategy Tool Kit, itís easier than ever for IT professionals to hone their business, financial, strategic planning, and project management skills.



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