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IT Managerís Guide to Business Strategy

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IT Managerís Guide to Business Strategy
Publisher: TechRepublic
ISBN: 0-9707733-1-5
144 Pages; Metal Bound


Strategic Planning

  • Defining the ideal IT organization
  • The 'Big Rules' of IT architecture
  • CIOs need to engineer the company's 'strategy machine'
  • Are your customers satisfied?
  • Identifying core business processes is first step toward customer satisfaction
  • How to create an aligned enterprise
  • Managing customer expectations is key to aligning IT with business
  • Why IT business alignment veers off track and how you can keep it on course
  • Portfolio management keeps IT aligned with business strategy
  • IT's responsiveness tied to agility
  • Position IT support as a business function
  • What CIOs need to know about ISO 9000 standards

Business Intelligence

  • The intelligent organization: An introduction to BI
  • Is your business intelligence suffering from the Information Paradox?
  • Use this architecture to structure your business intelligence solutions
  • Building the business intelligence solution: Back-room issues
  • Use BI tools to ease merger and acquisition IT integration issues
  • Business intelligence tools are key to building profits
  • Use business intelligence to boost sales and profitability
  • Use business intelligence to dump bad customers and target promotions


  • Learning to speak the CFO's language can help ensure IT dollars are spent wisely
  • When it comes to IT investment, CIOs need to take the helm
  • Closer spending scrutiny isn't necessarily all bad for CIOs
  • IT managers should help develop capital budgets
  • Stretch the tech budget with a think-tank approach
  • Use these tips to get your budgets approved
  • An ROI primer: Learn the basics and the key shortcomings of this metric
  • Depreciating PCs: Learn why accounting methods make a difference
  • How to simplify environments and cut TCO

Project Management

  • Effective project management efforts have business goals attached
  • How to accurately estimate and forecast in project management
  • Think long and hard before giving that 'ballpark estimate'
  • The best way to scrutinize a project budget
  • Solid best practices can thwart tech project chaos
  • Improve your development processes with the Capability Maturity Model
  • Ten tips for successful capacity planning
  • Evaluate these three factors to manage project risk

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • The art of technology due diligence
  • Preparing for IT due diligence
  • IT due diligence: The on-site discovery visit
  • Write an effective IT due diligence report
  • Three rules for successful staff assimilation in an acquisition
  • Strategy is critical for melding technology during acquisitions
  • Measuring the results of an acquisition
  • How to survive mergers and acquisitions
  • Lead your team through challenging adjustment to a merger
  • Systems integration is key to the blended environment

IT Management

  • Identify your IT partners and then work on building their loyalty
  • Have you 'Enron-proofed' your vendor relationships?
  • The four key elements in effective systems management
  • Implement these disciplines for effective systems management
  • How to measure system availability targets
  • Implement problem management with these seven steps
  • Think before you measure
  • Real IT managers use real metrics
  • Improve your IT department's performance by calculating key equations
  • Use these guidelines to measure the performance of IT
  • Scorecards help keep the enterprise on strategy
  • Find a place in IT for marketing and take the burden of selling off IT
  • Avoid the cost of IT management promotion failures
  • Getting the best resumes from HR requires a little elbow grease


  • Tough management decisions demand integrity
  • Flexibility is the key to overcoming your ignorance
  • Give your managers a little extra room to do it their way
  • Your manager lacks visionóso what's the problem?
  • Five rules for dealing with orders you don't agree with
  • Strategies for boosting communication with the CEO and fellow board members
  • These motivation methods counter retention and morale issues
  • Chiefs' passion for technology drives business success
  • What IT managers can learn from IBMís Lou Gerstner



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