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IT Managerís Guide to Business Strategy

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IT Managerís Guide to Business Strategy
Publisher: TechRepublic
ISBN: 0-9707733-1-5
144 Pages; Metal Bound



  • Manage IT as a percent of revenue to relate to your CEO
  • Expense tracker and forecasting spreadsheet
  • Cover your bases with this budget template
  • Budget preparation spreadsheet
  • Apply this framework to establish a solid acquisition process
  • Technology acquisitions checklist
  • Here's help for calculating Total Cost of Ownership
  • TCO estimation guide
  • ROI value lies in the process, not in the numbers
  • ROI value considerations checklist
  • Check out our estimated ROI research and calculation tool
  • ROI calculator for hardware purchases
  • How to calculate and convey the true cost of downtime
  • Systems downtime spreadsheet

Project Management

  • Effective project management efforts have business goals attached
  • The CIOís BASIC information checklist
  • Create a cost/benefit analysis of your project using this template
  • Cost/benefit analysis spreadsheet
  • Get your project priorities straight with our decision-support spreadsheet
  • Vendor rating template

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Use this handy IT business assessment checklist
  • IT business assessment checklist
  • IT due diligence: The on-site discovery visit
  • Due diligence data collection templates
  • Write an effective IT due diligence report
  • IT due diligence report template
  • Strategy is critical for melding technology during acquisitions
  • IT Systems conversion plan template

IT Management

  • How to 'rightsize' your IT organization
  • IT staffing needs assessment spreadsheet
  • Protect sensitive data with nondisclosure agreement
  • Nondisclosure agreement templates



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