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IT Managerís Guide to Business Strategy

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IT Managerís Guide to Business Strategy
Publisher: TechRepublic
ISBN: 0-9707733-1-5
144 Pages; Metal Bound


The CIO's BASIC Information Checklist


The BASICs of project management that CIOs need to gather and implement are as follows:

  • Business case

  • Assigned responsibility

  • Success metrics

  • Impact on other projects

  • Communication

Use this checklist tool to make sure youíre hitting all the BASICs when preparing for that next IT project.

Key questions Response Comments
Business case    
What is the business problem to be solved?    
What is the value of solving the problem?    
What is the cost of not solving the problem?    
What is the proposed solution?    
What are the major deliverables?    
What is the estimated cost?    
What is the estimated duration?    
Who is the customer implementing the solution?    
What are the customer's responsibilities    
Who is providing funding for the solution development (sponsor)?    
What are the sponsor's responsibilities?    
Assigned responsibility    
Who is the project manager?    
Who is responsible for achieving the business benefits?    
Are the business benefits documented in written objectives for the business unit leader?    
Success Metrics
Criteria Current value, units Project value, units
Increased revenue    
Lower cost    
Improved quality    
Improved performance    
Impact on other projects
Affected projects Depend-
Resource impact Schedule impact Cost impact Business impact
Project 1          
Project 2          
Project 3          
Stakeholders What information do they need? When do they need the information? What's the best way to get the information to the stakeholder?
Project team members      
Internal departments or groups      
External stakeholders      



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