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FAQs:  Business Case, Cost-Benefit, & ROI

FAQs & Glossaries

Business Case, Cost-Benefit, & ROI
  1. What is the number of network engineers necessary to support an enterprise per network device? (USA) [see answer]
  2. What are the uses and limitations of ROI to a technology development project? (from Malaysia) [see answer]
  3. Why should a business embark in cost benefit analysis. How is it done and what are the advantages and disadvantages. (from Zimbabwe) [see answer]
  4. I want to know how do evaluate effect of project to invest? (from Vietnam) [see answer]
  5. How do you measure ROI on service-based projects like elearning? (from India) [see answer]
  6. Why is it better to have a higher NPV? For example there is project 1:£100 npv, and project 2:£300 npv, which would you choose? and why? (from United Kingdom) [see answer]
  7. Is NPV the best financial criterion for project selection? [see answer]
  8. We’re at the early concept stage of a project, how can we provide credible cost and benefit information? [see answer]
  9. What approach would you recommend to help us make the “build vs. buy” decision for a software application? [see answer]
  10. I’ve searched online for a definition of ROI; I’m still confused. Can you clarify for me? [see answer]
  11. What is a “Business Case”? [see answer]
  12. What is a “Cost-Benefit Analysis”? [see answer]
  13. Aren’t IT project decisions really based upon economics? [see answer]
  14. How many years should a CBA include? [see answer]
  15. Are direct and indirect project costs the same as tangible and intangible costs? [see answer]
  16. What is Net Present Value? [see answer]
  17. What information do I need to calculate the return on investment for a project? [see answer]
  18. Is a Business Case the same as a Cost-Benefit Analysis? [see answer]




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